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The condition of having an innovation strategy.

Let’s start with asking and answering a two-part question—what’s an innovation strategy and why should you have one? In the simplest terms, an innovation strategy specifies where your company will focus its innovation efforts. Having one enables an organization to devote its limited human and financial resources to the innovation initiatives that will have the most impact on its performance.

But this raises a further question. How do you determine which innovation initiatives will have the most impact on performance? The answer exists in your strategic plan. Or at least it should. To make sure it does, listen to what Harvard’s competitive strategy professor and author of “On Competition” Michael Porter has to say about strategy. In Porter’s view, corporate strategy is first and foremost about competitive strategy. All the other elements of strategy—growth strategy, value recapture strategy, innovation strategy—should be subordinate to, and driven by, a company’s competitive strategy.

Kevin Holt


A Blueprint to SEO Success: Creating Professional and Engaging Copy for the Hotel Website
Apr 09, 13 | 12:08 am


Make Your Website Rock: 3 Tools
These three tools will help you get more more subscribers, better engagement, more useful content on your website.

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One of the core ingredients to any online business is a solid website. If you've been in business for very long, you may be able to relate to the fact that you'll never, ever be done optimizing and improving your site. We'll always be striving for more subscribers, better engagement, more useful content, better converting calls-to-action and so much more. Lucky for us there are some really useful, and wait for it...FREE, tools out there to help us on our quest.

Here's a breakdown of three I'm really into right now:

1. LaunchRock



Hotel Guests Want... Food
By Jonathan Barsky

Travelers are looking for more innovation from the hotel brands they choose. As hotels across the service spectrum, from economy to luxury, meet basic comfort needs, guests are looking for more. Hotel operators should pay attention. Many of these requests are becoming effective drivers of choice and loyalty.

Using the latest results from the Market Metrix Hospitality Index (MMHI), we analyzed the most frequent product and service requests. This analysis revealed that in the Americas the most frequent new product and service requests related to “Food”. Requests relating to a property’s facilities ranked second, focusing primarily on the fitness center/gym, pool and spa.


Technology may draw you to an event and may help you with that first step, but it’s the face-to-face connection that seals the deal. The MPI Chicago Area Chapter realizes that, and TechCon was a great success because of the balance between technology and humanity.

Snow is on the ground. Strong wind is blowing. And I’m lost.

The Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) is a large campus, and the MPI Chicago Area Chapter’s TechCon—held this past February—is in one of these buildings. After ducking into the student center to warm my fingers, I pull up the event app and determine that I’m about 100 yards away. Thankfully, I’m a speedy walker.

I see a lot of people climbing the steps as I approach the building. TechCon grows every year, attracting local and European meeting professionals, so the masses before me are no surprise.

One of the reasons for this growth is the great speaker selection.


Top Ten Things Luxury Guests Want! | By L. Aruna Dhir

Richard Gere, the iconic and legendary Hollywood actor has recently forayed into hospitality by unveiling The Bedford Post – his one-of-a-kind boutique hotel. Gere should certainly know a thing or two about luxury living and hoteliering. Being a famous personality of high net worth he is used to travelling ultra luxe and staying in uber luxury abodes – both private and commercial. While I was with The Oberoi in New Delhi, Gere was one of our most high profile guests, luckily for the Hotel both long-stay and repeat. He stayed in his favourite deluxe suite and I am told that the reason he liked The Oberoi so much is because the Hotel was an exclusive address in the Indian Capital City, knew in depth about his likes and dislikes and went to great lengths to ensure privacy to the VIP guest.



Five Guaranteed Ways to Lose Customers
Mar 29, 13 | 12:07 am



Is your hotel fun? Ask yourself honestly. Your chef’s creations might excite the senses, and the surrounding area might present a smorgasbord of enjoying daytime activities and nightlife. But what is there – physically, onsite and within reach – to entertain guests?

Maybe it’s a private golf course. Or an adjoining beach, a flashy pool area, a trendy bar and in-room entertainment systems (Playstation, Xbox, Wii, etc). What about the games room? Often an extension of the bar with a couple billiards tables, foosball, darts, shuffle board or ping pong, this area could be so much more to encourage guest interactions and incite a positive vibe throughout the hotel.

As the timeless hotelier adage goes: a happy guest is a returning guest. Any and every effort towards this ends will bear fruit. Why not rethink a part of your property that hits the fun factor right on its head? Bowling might just be the answer you’ve been looking for.



Why Organizations Are So Afraid to Simplify
Mar 28, 13 | 12:04 am


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