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Mobile Hotel Impact Strategies Revenue

Mobile Still Long Way to Go to Impact Hotel Revenue Strategies
C2SBEditor | Aug 06, 2013 | Comments 0
Hotel revenue managers are dealing with a rapidly shifting landscape, especially when it comes to last-minute bookings via mobile applications like HotelTonight.
The ramifications of these bookings are potentially far-reaching, especially in regard to encouraging consumers to book at the last minute to get the best deal on the mobile channel.
Discussions surrounding the value of these last-minute hotel booking apps have been spirited.
In the comments section of a recent Tnooz article, opinions range from the cautionary – “The hotel industry may be training guests to adopt bad habits” - to the realistic – “Consumers are smartening up and no one is going to be mugged by paying £200 per night for a room that usually costs £100 per night…we are moving to more transparent pricing models.”
But what do actual revenue managers have to say about it all?
After reaching out to a few hotels in different ecosystems, one thing is clear: revenue managers


How to Tip in Europe

Aug 01, 13 | 12:05 am 


By Sally Farris

Tipping in the U.S. is a huge deal-you are considered a pompous jerk if you tip too little, and look rather silly if you tip someone who doesn't work for tips, like say your cardiologist. When traveling, the concept of tipping is a difficult one to grasp, especially in Europe, where each country has different gratuity protocol; and if you tip too much, you will look like a foolish American; too little in some cases however, and your service provider may feel slighted. The L.A. Times recently reported that Mark Zuckerberg's Italian servers were surprised that the young millionaire didn't tip during his Italian honeymoon. Should he have? Would you have? Read on to find out just what is expected in a few of the most traveled countries in Europe.

Happen Make It

Service Excellence: Find a Way to Make It Happen

Jul 31, 13 | 12:08 am 


By feature writer Bryan K. Williams

Sins Seven Cardinal

App App App

Smartphones and tablets are giving travelers a reason to wait until the last minute to book a hotel: discounts if you reserve a room for the same day using an app. Kayak, Priceline, Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia all offer apps that let travelers search for available hotel rooms, often discounted 10 to 50 percent for stays that begin the day you book. The apps have different features — and flaws — but they basically use a device’s GPS to show where you can find a room near you. The information is displayed on a map or a list that you can sort by price, distance or rating.

Success Hoteliers Measure

Hotels Anticipate Opening 2013

Most Anticipated Hotels For 2013

  • The Quin Hotel – New York, US
  • The Langham Chicago– Chicago, US
  • Shangri – La Hotel, London, UK
  • The Peninsula Paris – Paris, France
  • Rosewood – Beijing, China
  • Cheval Blanc Randheli – Maldives
  • The Ritz – Carlton – Abu Dhabi
  • Mahali Mzuri – Kenya

The Quin hotel – New York, US

Hotel Darwin

We have come a long way since the earliest inns for weary travelers sparsely, very sparsely, dotted what would become the American landscape.

More times than not, America’s early weary traveler, mostly men, slept “under the stars”, taking advantage of the Good Lord’s hospitality, or in this or that barn—probably free of charge, if at a farm; most likely for a price, if a town stable.

As the population increased and people ventured West for cattle and farmland, towns formed to take care of the people.

A General Store, a Stable, and a Saloons were the first buildings to go up, followed by an all-grade Schoolhouse and a Church.

Many towns never got past that stage, but for those that did, the weary traveler, rather than staying at the only lodging available, a spare room at the Saloon, with all the noise and carousing cacophony that went with that type of environment, now had the choice of either an hotel or a boarding house; sometimes both.

Competition, except between saloons, was almost never a problem; at least not until many of those towns grew into either larger towns or cities.

Social Approach

These are qualities that OTAs cannot deliver as effectively as your hotel’s website, social media presence or reservations team. Once they become paramount priorities at your hotel, acquiring more direct bookings will follow.

While J.D Power reports that customers who booked via an OTA such as Expedia were 45 points less satisfied than those who booked directly through a hotel’s site, hotels continue to make it difficult to book direct is exacerbated by the fact that OTAs make it so easy to book and spend so much more money on advertising and technology. As they continue to capture bookings and grow their loyal customer bases, hotels remain laggers and are missing a crucial opportunity for acquiring more business.

Whether your guest is preparing for their stay, checking-in at the front desk or engaging on your hotel’s Facebook page, he/she wants the same things:

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