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Control in Operations


CiOps is only available from Cherto.

It is an interaction between the team, the team`s members and the team leaders.

Animated by Cherto and based on "control is a team effort"

A trail of control that starts at the first implementation of the idea and ends with better results.

The Cherto experience is bundled in an interaction that will open people´s minds.

Controlling Resources

Your team is a resource

CiOps is designed to help teams control their operations in a joint effort to better performance and total quality everywhere.

It is based on a direct approach that is both provocative and result-driven.

The results of this boot camp are:

•Knowledge of techniques
•Usage of techniques
•Creativity in controlling
•Thinking out of the box
•Cost reduction
•Standard implementation
•Standard adhesion
•Doing it

This interaction is intensive but it remains an exhilarating, mind-opening experience.
Your team members will embrace the outcome and will have some serious eye-openers while we work with them.
Control in Operations

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