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A personal brand will never be strong and remembered by the people if the owner does not manage it wholeheartedly. The ways to discover a personal hotel brand is different from the strategies to regularly manage it once it has been built up.

Taking advantage of social networking tools and online forums is a must thing to do if you want your personal brand prevailing in the tight competition outside. We present you 5 strong reasons why you need to stay active online once your personal brand is molded.

1. You will lose your opportunities
A big opportunity often comes to a person once in his/her life. Being active in social media is important because opportunities often come without being expected. For example when you work as a gadget salesman and there is a discount offering commissioned by the shop where you works. At the meantime, there are people who are talking about a product listed as one of the discounted goods from your shop on Facebook. Of course you want to involve in that discussion, right?

Hoteliers Are Falling Further Behind in Meeting Guest Expectations

Now in its 16th year, the study measures overall hotel guest satisfaction across seven hotel segments: luxury; upper upscale; upscale; mid-scale full service; mid-scale limited service; economy/budget; and extended stay. Seven key measures are examined within each segment to determine overall satisfaction: reservations; check-in/check-out; guest room; food and beverage; hotel services; hotel facilities; and costs and fees.

Overall guest satisfaction has declined to 757 on a 1,000-point scale, down 7 index points from 2011. However, guest satisfaction with the underlying experience has deteriorated much more than this score suggests, as relatively high levels of satisfaction with cost and fees mask declines in other areas of the guest experience. Satisfaction with check-in/check-out; food and beverage; hotel services; and hotel facilities are at new lows since the 2006 study and satisfaction with guest room has declined within one point of its lowest level in the past seven years.


Have mobile devices struck one more blow to email business etiquette? Do you know that smart phones and tablets make up more than half of all mobile devices and that 90 percent of those with these latest devices use them to check their email before checking their computers?.

At least that is what Dave Tedlock of NetOutcomes.reports. Based on personal experience, I don’t doubt him for a second.

Everywhere you go, you see people on their mobile device, whatever type it is, but something has changed. They are no longer using them for live conversation. This is obvious because their lips aren’t moving and they are operating the device with their thumbs. What effect has this had on email etiquette? For one thing it has caused a rise of ATS or “Alone Together Syndrome.” ( Look for more about ATS in a future article.)

Perfectly Timed Facebook Post

It happens all the time. You post on Facebook, and the post does really well: You get hundreds of shares and comments and thousands of clicks and likes. Awesome! So you jump on the engagement bandwagon and fire off another post.

And very little happens, because you posted too soon. You didn't wait until the first post was no longer active.

And you wasted an opportunity to further engage your customers.

Ninety-five percent of impressions and activity on social platforms happen within the feed, according to PageLever, a Facebook analytics platform that provides real-time data, post scheduling, and page-management tools. That means for any business engaged in social media--which means any business using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. for marketing and advertising--the feed is the most important place to focus.

Because competition in the feed is fierce and only the most relevant content rises to the top, I asked Brendan Irvine-Broque, director of growth at PageLever, for tips on how to perfectly time Facebook posts:

Engagement affects organic reach.

5 Challanges Facing The Hoteliers of Tomorrow

Hotel students face a daunting road ahead of them, and educators are finding it increasingly difficult to prepare them for all the twists and turns along the way, according to a panel of deans from some of the world’s leading hotel schools.

“Our students are going to graduate into a really tough environment. And that environment is going to get worse and not better,” said Bjorn Hanson, divisional dean of the Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism and Sports Management at New York University.

Hanson—who along with four of his peers shared their thoughts on the state of the hotel industry and hotel education during a keynote session Tuesday at the Cornell Hospitality Research Summit—said NYU is responding by adjusting its curriculum to reflect today’s challenges.

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, a Switzerland-based hospitality university, along with the other schools represented on the panel, have responded in kind, developing new and innovative approaches to immerse students in the hospitality experience, said Fabien Fresnel, dean of education and research at the university.

Viewing the Hotel Business from the Other Side

Viewing the Hotel Business from the Other Side
Nov 15, 12 | 12:08 am



If you're like most people, you probably think business success is the result of innovative products, strong financial backing and long work hours.

But you'd think wrong.

Most successful business ideas are stolen from other companies. And millions of companies have spun through billions of dollars, only to fold up and die.

As for long work hours, as I explained in this post, consistently working more than 40 hours a week actually makes you less productive.

What, then, are the true reasons that people (and the companies they create) become successful? There are three:

1. Ability to Empathize

There is simply nothing so important in business as understanding what other people are feeling and likely to feel in the future.

This capability determines whether customers will want your products, whether employees will accept your leadership, whether colleagues will work well with you, and whether investors will be willing to take a risk on you.

Without empathy, there's absolutely no way that you'll get all these folks pulling in the same direction.

2. Clarity of Purpose



Common Social Media Mistakes Made by Hotel Marketers
D1 Vikram | Nov 07, 2012 | Comments 0

Social media has given consumers a more intimate and direct opportunity to engage with your travel brand, but users’ expectations of your offerings and service levels are now higher than ever. And, as many hotels, attractions and destinations hurry to catch up with new communication platforms, they’re making costly social media blunders and missing the opportunity to impact lifelong brand affinity and purchase behaviour.

Here are the top ways travel brands are killing their own social media programs:

1. Add social media management to someone’s job description. It’s just another task and it takes little time or thought, so assign community management to someone with no training, experience or social media affinity.

2. Sell, sell, and sell some more! In every post, encourage your loyal readers to make a reservation. Treat them as nothing more than a potential source of revenue.

3. Post as frequently as possible. Don’t leave room for your fans and followers to say anything.


Hospitality Innovator: Lara Hernandez
C2 Trinity | Nov 12, 2012 | Comments 1

Hernandez had already changed majors several times when she stumbled upon the hotel and restaurant management major at West Virginia University after remembering fondly previous part-time jobs she’d held at restaurants.

After signing up for the major, Hernandez decided she’d best get familiar with hotels, so she marched down to the Holiday Inn property in Morgantown, West Virginia, and was hired in as a front-desk clerk.

The 38-year-old has been a “hotel girl” ever since, and in April she was named VP of distribution and relationship marketing at InterContinental Hotels Group.

“There are two types of people in this business,” Hernandez said during a telephone interview last month. “You either love it and have a passion for it, or it’s not for you. And I’m lucky to have a passion for it.”

IHG career
Hernandez has been with IHG since 2006, heading up business development within the company’s distribution marketing division.


The Egg English Version RIVERSIDE In the middle runs a river… source of inspiration for your event This is a rugged and attractive Brussels venue that stretches out under a glass and metal sky; as if in response to the transparency of the water that flows below. Because the waterway adds to the magic of this harmonious space…because the genius of Béjart and his student dancers lives on here…because it is a shining example of post-industrial architecture … and for many more reasons, many more “becauses”, this unique venue magnifies and dramatizes any event like nowhere else in Brussels. Riverside offers so many possibilities and so many contrasting ambiences to transform any event, symposium, business or private party. Natural daylight filtered by glass gives the setting the charm of an avant-garde cathedral. In the evening, the gentle, relaxing flow of water creates yet more magic for your event.


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